BMW new models 2021


BMW 2021

BMW, one of the world’s leading car makers, introduces several new models that will change the way we think about cars.


BMW new models revealed in 2021 take the idea of an “automobile” to a whole new level. A car is now an office, a living room, a hotel, or a cinema, depending on where you are going. Automobile now means automatic and networked: it is a self-driving vehicle that takes you to a particular destination, while you are busy doing other things.

BMW 4 model 2021

For instance, many car models now come equipped with a charging point for gadgets and a Wi-Fi hotspot. Some advanced automobiles even have screens for presentations. However, currently a driver must stop a car to work in this mobile office. BMW plans to make a car drive completely by itself, while integrating some writing space in the salon that the driver can use.

BMW new cars well exceed the typical characteristics of an automobile. Staying at the edge of future developments requires the leader to think outside the box. Complete car automation is just one direction in which BMW is taking the car manufacturing.


This amazing new car has immediately conquered many driving enthusiast. A sports model impresses the driver with its agility, responsiveness, and technical capabilities. You can synchronize your iOS or Android apps with the car system, so you never miss any update and continue using the apps. A remote control is activated via a special My BMW app. An intuitive controls system, muscular proportions, and precision transmission make this new model a car of choice for all who want to combine a classic automobile with a sports vehicle.

BMW i4

This model is one of the few electric cars developed by the manufacturer. A 5-seat sports car is fully electric. With twin BMW eDrive engines, you reach your destination at the speed of light.

BMW i4

An elegant yet traditional coupe-like exterior is placed on an elongated wheelbase, reminding of Formula 1 vehicles. This spacious car can go up to 300 miles on a special BMW Charging program.


Another sports model is ideal for long trips in places where small cars are not as efficient. Similar in proportions to BMW X5, this car is spacious inside and expressive on the outside.


Frameless doors, an intelligent kidney grill, aerodynamic wheels, and BMW Charging system are there to make the driving effortless. Digital features are designed to be inconspicuous: haptic controls are almost unnoticeable under a wood trim. A Panoramic Moonroof, when activated, lets you drive under a starry sky in broad daylight.

BMW i8

This model was the first BMW creation that combined a sports car exterior and capabilities with sustainability of a traditional city vehicle. Its innovative, futuristic design and an elegant style were awe-inspiring, while practicability and an electric charging system made BMW i8 a true pioneer in car-making. Although the model’s production is over, it has already been inducted in the Hall of Fame of BMW Group Classic.

BMW i8


BMW is not planning to stop. The models we described can be tailored to a driver’s needs and wants and pre-ordered for 2022. And some new additions are in the making, waiting to be announced next year. With BMW, the future is now.

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